Springfield Township




STEAC was created by township resolution in 1977, in accordance with Act 148 of the Pennsylvania Legislature.

How STEAC members are appointed

There are nine (9) voting members authorized for the committee, one for each ward and two at-large.  Voting members are recommended by the Commissioner of their Ward, and approved by vote at the public Board of Commissioners meeting.  Appointment terms are for three years.  STEAC elects a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary annually at the January meeting


Meeting schedule

STEAC meets the 4th Tuesday of each month (except July and August), at 7 p.m. in the Township Building at 50 Powell Road. These meetings are public and members of the community are encouraged to attend. Time is reserved at each meeting for comments and questions from the public.  [Read the minutes]Whiskey Run



STEAC Members

    Ward 1 - Jim Davis
    Ward 2 -
    Ward 3 -
    Ward 4 - Todd McGarvey (Vice-Chairman)
    Ward 5 - Mark McGann
    Ward 6 - Ken Rapp
    Ward 6 - Michael Christopher (Chairman)
    Ward 7 - Margaret Hilsbos (Secretary)