Project Design

Springfield Township

Design Details

BMP Park Project Design


The BMP Park project includes 4 major components:

      Design, construction
      Public education and landscaper training
      Monitoring and reporting
      Operations and maintenance
The Stormwater BMP Park Project is being constructed within the 13.2–acre municipal complex near the center of Springfield. This Township-owned property includes the Township Building, District Court Building, Library, and Williams Park. Since the BMPs are designed for construction on developed land, they are termed "retrofit" BMPs.


Public Education
The public education component will include workshops (see Events page for upcoming workshops), signage at the site, information on this web-site, and distribution of information through press outlets.
Monitoring and Reporting
Stormwater sampling will be conducted at key locations during major storm events prior to and after implementation of each BMP design phase.  This sampling data will be used to document water flow and quality improvements from the BMP implementation.
Operations and Maintenance
Each BMP constructed under this project will have an expected 20-year lifespan and is designed to require minimal maintenance. Such minimal maintenance as required will be integrated into existing Township grounds maintenance procedures. Also, the committee is looking for volunteers to get involved with the BMP park project and help keep the new landscaped areas looking beautiful.